Becoming a Sustaining Member

Sustaining memberships provide reliable support for the programs you count on. When you become a sustaining member, your donation will renew year after year and your credit or debit card will automatically be billed – all saving time, money, and resources.

Sustaining Member Benefits

  • An annual tax receipt documents cumulative gifts for the calendar year.
  • No additional renewal notices.
  • Eligible for a yearly thank you gift.

Sustaining Member FAQ

Q: What does it mean to be a sustaining member?
A: Becoming a sustaining member means your monthly pledge will automatically roll over every 12 months. If you pay by credit card, your card will automatically be charged and your membership will automatically renew.
Q: Am I still eligible for thank you gifts?
A: Yes. When you set up your pledge to automatically renew, you are still eligible for thank you gifts. If during one of our on-air fundraisers, you hear of a gift that piques your interest, please call WBHM’s Membership Manager, Will Dahlberg, at 205-934-2264 or email . You are eligible to receive thank you gifts offered at a pledge level equal to your total donations for your membership year. (e.g. If you pledge $10 monthly, you are eligible for a thank you gift offered at the $120 pledge level.)
Q: What if my credit card expires or changes?
A: If your credit card expires or changes please call WBHM’s Membership Manager, Will Dahlberg, at 205-934-2264. To update your credit card information online, you can submit a new pledge online, please also include a comment to the effect of: “This is my updated payment information” and we can apply the new information to your current pledge. Please be aware that the pledge amount must be the same amount to be applied to the current pledge. This is also an opportunity to increase your monthly support as well if you would like.
Q: How can I change or cancel my sustaining pledge?
A: You can change or cancel your sustaining pledge at any time. Simply call WBHM’s Membership Manager, Will Dahlberg, at 205-934-2264.
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