Scott Hanley

WBHM starts the new year with a remarkable 2012 behind us. The number of listeners to WBHM 90.3 FM and WSGN 91.5 FM continues to be high, and financial support for the station from individuals and businesses has never been better. This forward progress is underpinned by UAB’s strong commitment to our mission of public service.

This is as it should be, as it needs to be, as it must be. With so much else in media, advertising and technology in a state of change, the relationships that we are working to nurture and strengthen in WBHM and public media are more important than ever before.

It is a powerful experience to hear something – and to hear it together. 2013 will be a year of new stories, new voices, new ideas, and new programs. And we will continue to build on the traditions and relationships that have enabled us to share North Central Alabama’s stories, history and hopes – together.

In 2012, WBHM tried something new that took a lot of effort on our part and your part. The “Listen and Be Heard” initiative was meant get us all more engaged in the process of listening, of entertaining, of exposing new ideas and finding new, shared experiences.

In the year ahead, we hope to find even more compelling reasons for you to listen to WBHM, while we pay special attention to listening to you and our community as we work to build an even better public radio service and an even better Birmingham.

All the best,

Scott Hanley

Scott Hanley
General Manager, WBHM