Tapestry and our news features are now available as a Podcasts!

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is the generic term for making audio content available for automatic download and later playback on portable devices such as Apple iPods or other audio players that support mp3. There are a growing number of free or inexpensive programs that make it easy to automatically detect new audio content and automatically retrieve it. See the liks below to find a program that woks for you.

Podcasts differ from traditional internet audio in two important ways. In the past, listeners have had to either tune in to web radio on a schedule, or they have had to actively download individual files from webpages. Podcasts are more flexible and much easier to get. They can be listened to at any time because a copy is on the listener's computer or portable music player, and they are automatically delivered to subscribers, so no active downloading is required.

(This definition courtesy of Wikipedia and American Public Media.)

Learn more: an interview with Bryan Bunch of Walls New Media in Birmingham.

To Podcast Tapestry, add the following address in your Podcast client:  http://www.wbhm.org/rss/itunes/tapestry-podcast.xml

To Podcast recent stories and interviews from our news department, add the following address in your Podcast client:  http://www.wbhm.org/News/syndicate.rdf

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