Tanya OttTanya Ott, Executive Producer

In addition to producing Tapestry, I'm WBHM's News Director. So you may be asking yourself, what's a news woman doing heading up an arts & culture show? Well, in a prior life (pre-kids and Morning Edition) I did a lot of community theater, sang in groups ranging from a Methodist youth choir to the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, and even wrote 100 pages of an as-yet-unpublished novel.

Before coming to Birmingham, I worked in news at WUFT-FM (Gainesville, FL), WCBS-AM (NYC), and Colorado Public Radio (Denver, CO). I also spent three years voicing my stories in a walk-in closet in my bedroom -- I was an independent producer working for several of the national news programs. I've reported on an Orlando-area strip club staging Nude MacBeth, a pot-bellied-pig parade, and an underwater hotel... just to name a few.

When I'm not out interviewing people or mixing stories in the WBHM studios (a big upgrade from my walk-in closet!), I can often be found taxi-ing my three daughters to dance rehearsal, choir practice, or play practice. When the munchkins, my husband Jason and I carve out a little free time we enjoy hiking, attending wrestling tournaments (real wrestling... not the stuff on TV), and church activities.