Lissa LeGrand

Lissa LeGrand has enjoyed the twenty-plus years she has been associated with WBHM, and is excited about finding new ways to contribute. She remembers the days of reel-to-reel analog tapes sent through the US Postal Service for our broadcasts of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, etc., and the old-time radio shows like "The Shadow." She was here when we cued up vinyl LP's of classical music on two turntables next to a truly antique-looking board! Through the years, she's worked every airshift available at any given time. Most recently, she's joined the ranks of "arts reporters" for "Tapestry." This is a natural fit, as theater and music, along with radio, have been the staples of her professional life.

As an actress, she has appeared in leading roles in several Shakespeare Festivals around the country, and at Terrific New Theater and Birmingham Festival Theater, among others. She has also played bass for many theatrical productions around Birmingham, and is a veteran of many rock, jazz, and alternative bands from Phoenix, AZ to Provincetown, MA. She also fills in from time to time as a board operator for WBHM's side-band affiliate, the Alabama Radio Reading Service.