Troy T of T-minus Band

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T-minus Band began as a one-man production in a home studio in 1999. Troy T wrote the songs and played the instruments (except in a few instances) on the first two albums, Technostalgia and Four Legs to Three. In 2003, he brought in band members to facilitate live performances. They have completed a third CD, which combines the band's rock sensibility with the previous albums' eclectic pop sounds. T-minus Band is unsigned and the first two albums were self-released. T-minus Band played South by Southwest 2006 in Austin, last year's South Park Music Festival in Colorado, as well as local shows. Music by T-minus Band has been used in 3 local films and in a nationally televised infomercial. Their new CD is called The Morning After, available at Rojo and at

More | T-minus Band also appeared on Tapestry June 30, 2005.