T-minus Band

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For their debut CD, Technostalgia, and for most of the follow-up Four Legs to Three, Birmingham's T-minus Band is Troy T (aka Troy Thompson) writing the music, playing the instruments, and having a field day in the studio. Troy T is all over the pop music map. Most people who have heard Technostalgia say that it's the best album around right now, of its kind. Keener ears may detect the fusion of pop, glam, and psychedelic elements as disparate as Paul McCartney and The Magnetic Fields, or Syd Barrett and The Flaming Lips. Influences also include the Byrds and Roger McGuinn.

Currently T-minus Band is:
Tim Boykin - guitar, vocals
Jason Lucia - drums
Ken Moore - keys, vocals
Matt Patton - bass, vocals
Troy T - vocals, guitar

Download songs from the CD "Four Legs to Three":
Two Bit
Under The Radar Screen

Download songs from the CD "Technostalgia":
Take the Ride

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