Through the Sparks

Through the Sparks formed when Birmingham musicians James Brangle and Jody Nelson began writing and recording with Nikolaus and Thomas Mimikakis and Greg Slamen in early 2004. The band had worked together in full and partial forms with other Birmingham bands like Stateside, Cutgrass and a few other outfits here and there.

The band's first release, the Coin Toss EP, on Skybucket Records, is a collection of six songs that flow more like a short album than an EP.

When Through the Sparks began to perform live, the band became more and more the focus of each member's efforts, and the writing and recording became more collaborative. The band's objective is to write songs in the traditional style -- songs that stand on their own with vivid lyrics and smart melodies. Then, embellish them with a unique take on the Heartbreakers-style instrumentation, and utilize ambience and extreme dynamics, leaning toward the pop song mentality.

Download the songs from the EP Coin Toss:
Tooth and Nail
Coin Toss

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