The Martini Shakers

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The Martini Shakers began as most garage bands do- in the garage, with no audience and no money. But in 2001, vocalist and guitarist Jory Heindel felt that people wanted to hear something classic and new at the same time.

The Martini Shakers have a dedication to be "true" to the original recordings of such artist as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Hank Sr. and many others, but the group also adds it's own flare by showing these artists as if they were transported from the Louisiana Hayride and placed on stage in modern times.

The Martini Shakers have charted in Belgium and have a following in Japan. They've released two CD's and played venues from Wisconsin to Florida with a booking calendar that truly exceeds the expectations of the garage band from 2001.

More | The Martini Shakers originally appeared on Tapestry July 28, 2005.

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Lately I'm Lonely
Crazy Way