The Martini Shakers

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Billed as "authentic" is a term that's frequently applied to bands playing music outside the tired, radio-driven mainstream these days, but rarely does it ring as true as it does with the Martini Shakers. This humble trio rekindles the raw nerve and unrestrained swing of Memphis rockabilly the way it sounded in 1955.

A Martini Shakers performance is by no means a kitschy '50s revue or a tribute to any one artist. Throughout each set you'll hear songs by a host of great artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Hank Williams, Eddie Cochran, Roy Orbison, and others.

The trio is built around the vocal talents of Jory Lee Heindel, who helps lay down the beat on acoustic rhythm guitar. "Lost Jim" is the group's guitarist and he provides expert fingerpicking on the Fender Stratocaster. Jim provides plenty of syncopated twang and growl on top of the fat Delta bottom from upright bass slapper Jody Britt. Lost Jim periodically chimes in on harmony vocals, and he produced "Get Rhythm", the Martini Shakers' debut CD featuring the band's versions of 13 classic songs by the artists mentioned above.

Download music from the CD Get Rhythm:
Mind Your Own Business
Summertime Blues

Download music from the upcoming Martini Shakers CD:
I Walk the Line
My Bucket's Got a Hole In It