Snow Machine

Snow Machine is a musical project made possible by the following people:

Katharine McElroy wrote the songs and played piano, drums, and a few bass parts on the self-titled album by Snow Machine. She also plays the mandolin, acoustic guitar, and some other tinkly things. She is a former member of "Three Finger Cowboy" and a current member of "Nineteen Forty-Five". Katherine started Snow Machine after Amy Ray (Indigo Girls, Daemon Records) heard a couple of her songs and wanted her to release an album on Daemon Records.

Hunter Manasco played guitar on the album and gave a great deal of moral support to Katharine, who was often inclined to throw her master tapes in the garbage. He is the man behind "Nineteen Forty-Five" and plays drums in the Snow Machine live act.

Snow Machine
Download songs from the self-titled CD:
Summer Snow
Traffic Light

Craig Ceravolo is a dear friend who flew in from Los Angeles to play bass on the record. He also played bass in "Three Finger Cowboy" with Hunter and Katharine, and is working on a lon-awaited solo album.

Lester Nuby (ex-Verbena) played guitar on a couple of songs and can currently be seen playing guitar with Wes McDonald. Reed Lochamy (Friends of Sound) plays bass in the Snow Machine live act. James Minderhout (ex-Dum Dum Bullets) and Mark Carmichael (Sunny So Brite) are Snow Machine's ground-breaking "man choir."