Kiss Me at the Gate

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Kiss Me at the Gate specializes in lyrical indie rock. Sweet melodies blend with the band's plaintive lyrics overtop a bed of rock guitar rhythms and dynamic percussion. Based in Birmingham, Claire Cormany (guitar/vocals), Blake Evans (guitar), Seth Newell (bass,cello), and Zac Young (drums) started recording in the summer of 2004.

While the core melody, lyrics and chord structure that Cormany works out drive the band's music, the guys round out the arrangement with their own unique stylings. "Claire brings the idea, I shape it, Blake textures it, and Seth supports it," says Young, describing the group's collaborative effort. "Together, we take a song from its infancy and retool it, adding and subtracting elements to achieve balance and dynamics, until it matures into what we believe is a well-crafted piece," explains Cormany, "When the butterflies are there, you know you're onto something." The band's influences ranging from Cursive and The Beatles to 238 and Bread. Kiss Me at the Gate records for Nervous Blood records.

Download the songs:
Seven Ravens
All The While