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Jesse Payne

Born and raised in Birmingham, Jesse Payne began songwriting began at a young age, as he kept himself busy broadening his talents through learning the piano, guitar, and drums. He music is influenced by love, loss, and regret, with Birmingham serving as the backdrop.

In the latter part of 2003, Jesse started to piece together a band to take into the studio to record songs that would soon become his debut album. Anthony Powell, a friend and former drummer, was the first to come aboard. Over the next few months the two would work on solidifying the arrangements and rhythms of a catalog four times an album length. Shawn Avery, also a friend and former band member, joined to provide the bass guitar and aid in culling the list of forty songs down to the fourteen that would appear on the album. On the 2nd of November, "Humming the Tunes of Luxury" was released.

Interview with Jesse Payne

Download songs from the CD "Humming the Tunes of Luxury":
Don't Go Home

Jesse Payne plays:
June 16 at the Arena
June 18 at Cool Beans Coffee
June 19 at The Nick
June 23 at Zydeco