DOWNRIGHT is as much an experience as it is a band. They've been called everything from soulful to ferocious, and they cover all points in between. A trio of musicians drawing from varied musical backgrounds, DOWNRIGHT takes an audience for a musical trip into where nothing is quite as it seems. Their sound combines elements of funk, psychedelic rock, wild improv and soul music.

The band began when drummist Mark Lanter and keyboardist Matt DeVine met as students at a large southern university. Soon guitarist/bassist Steve Lewis joined the fold, and DOWNRIGHT was off and running. They are multi-instrumentalists, and various instrumental combinations are used at every DOWNRIGHT show, such as Hammond organ, string bass, guitars, electric pianos, theremin, drums, and horns.

Downright has opened for the like of Col. Bruce Hampton, Afroman, Nappy Roots, Widespread Panic, Leo Nocentelli (of the Meters), Oteil Burbridge (of Allman Bros.), and Rod Stewart. They have played every major festival in Alabama, including: City Stages, Jubilee, Bayfest, Big Spring Jam, and the Get Downtown Festival. They are currently touring around the southeast in order to expand their sphere of influence.

Saturday, March 26th at The Arena in Birmingham
Saturday, April 9th at Zydeco in Birmingham

Interview with DOWNRIGHT

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Quicksand Baby from the CD Hidden Agenda
Cop on a Bike from the DVD Bling Bling
Well from the DVD Bling Bling

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