William Barnes with his group O.K.

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William Barnes is a 27 year old guitarist, producer, and performer who has been working professionally since the age of 13. While performing as a sideman for many artists, he also gained popularity with is own group, "Far South Movement" in the early 1990's. But by the age of 20, Barnes became disillusioned with performing and entertaining and withdrew from public to focus on musical study, practice, and composition.

"O.K." is Barnes' instrumental, electronic, urban, hard-rockin', funk-fusion "collective-quintet," that has been assembled to explore an intellectual and spiritual study of technology, story-telling, culture, society, timeless themes, classic composers and rythm sections, spirituality, harmony, melody, dance, and militant groove.

Barnes is currently finishing his music technology degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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Shaky Pipes