Thed Weller

Thed Weller's been writing rhymes and performing raps since he was in the sixth grade. Used to combat his stuttering problem, he kept writing songs and over the years he's developed a style all his own.

His first album, Ain't No Pillows on the Road, went on to win A Dirty Thirty Award for Favorite Album in 2005. He has contributed music to the Emmy Award winning documentary Mr. Dial has Something to Say and has recently released his sophomore project Better Than I Can Tell You.

A sixth grade teacher in Bessemer, Thed Weller has also started a non-profit he calls the HHIM (Hip Hop Is Music) Foundation. An organization devoted to enabling young, talented hip hop musicians an opportunity to fulfill their dreams of going to college. It's Weller's hope that through the efforts of HHIM, young urban musicians will not so readily succumb to the pressure to create more of "what sells" in hip hop and help resurrect the art form.

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