The White Oaks

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Noel Johnson, vocals/guitar/keyboards
Scott Thrift, vocals/guitar
Matt Jackson, vocals/bass
Michael Glaser, drums

Formed in early 2007, The White Oaks emerged onto the music scene in Birmingham as the evolution of a trio of singers and collaborators. Although preferring to keep their explanation to a minimum, when pressed, The White Oaks describe their sound as three part harmonies rooted in gospel with influences from classic and indie rock. The group draws on its deep country roots and jazz sensibilities to make songs about love, death and redemption.

The group's approach was to fine-tune their writing and vocal blend in order to best integrate their varied influences, and to win the affections of a high-powered drummer. Songs from their new self-titled EP have been featured on Birmingham's own nationally syndicated radio show, Reg's Coffeehouse.

The White Oaks play February 8th and March 11th WorkPlay.