The StunDarts

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The StunDarts blend rich melodic vocals over crunched-out distorted guitars. Their rock debut "Remember the Day" delivers simple, up-front and catchy melancholic rock.

The StunDarts are Thad Phillips and Alex Keith. The two meet in a college chemistry class, figure out they both write original tunes, decide to jam one day, and the rest is history. Alex plays in Autumn Walk and Volume a few years prior, saturating the local Birmingham bar scene along with many garages, living rooms and even some dances. But, in Auburn at school, the two are playing solo, focusing on acoustic compositions mainly.

Thad's emphasis is heavy on the vocal melody and lyric with straight-at-you acoustic chord structure, while Alex is spitting out songs more centered on musical motifs. The two room together for a year, but spend the majority of time on physics and deadbeat chicks, rather than writing. Alex moves to Slovakia to teach and Thad works on a couple of Health Information Systems Master degrees in Birmingham. They keep writing songs but never really get up any collaboration projects.

A few years later, after several different jobs, and bands, Alex starts optometry school in Birmingham and chills by throwing down random tracks on the computer using a sturdy $30 nylon-stringed beater guitar. Structure comes, along with distortion. The two start emailing pieces of songs, lyrics, riffs, compiling, composing, editing and adding. Thad manages the vocal components, coming up with melodies and emphasis - focusing the instrumentation work that Alex begins to finesse with synths, bass and drums. Alex adds harmonies and Thad produces the mix. A best friend's son offers the band name The StunDarts - it sticks.

Download music from the CD Remember the Day:
Chemical Enhancements
Remember the Day
Strike That Match