The Spots

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Birmingham is filled with cover bands, jam bands, blues bands, and the aspiring singer/songwriters. While The Spots integrate these genres into their sound, for the most part they're known as a "groove band". The Spots don't really practice or rehearse -- the idea is to gather good musicians together and see what happens in the moment.

The group is comfortable playing in a corner at an intimate private gathering, opting not to be the focal point of the evening, but rather enhancing the gathering itself. They are also at home in local live venues, often incorporating lights, reactive visuals and films projected behind them. Their sound lends itself for mood music at parties and bars, happy hours, weddings, shindigs, receptions, and basically anywhere someone needs some groove.

The Spots recently released an EP of improvisational songs recorded live at Red Mountain Studios. True to form, they set up some mics, hit the record button and then decided what to play.

The Spots also appeared on Tapestry in September 2006.

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