The Northern Rattle

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Whether kicking out a two minute pop gem or a psychedelic jam, The Northern Rattle embraces the spirit of the 1960's with an indie rock mentality, making music from the soul and not for the money.

For the last 10 years, Mike Karadimos has been slowly transferring songs from his mind to tape in his basement headquarters. Many years of recording has culminated into the new release Thousand Sun Broadcast available March 27th.

Mike plays bass, organ and sings, but can also be found on this release banging on an acoustic guitar or the drums. Mike was joined by long time friend and former band mate Chris Jeely of Accelera Deck, who filled in the canvas with strokes of manic guitar, occasional drums, and a landscape of melodies. They were also joined by Brad Davis of Plate Six and Shamo Now on drum duties to complete the album. The band has recently been joined by full-time members Wes Daniel on guitar, Michael Morgan on bass and Brad Davis on drums..