The Exhibits

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Singer/guitarist Eric McGinty formed the Avery Ellis Exhibit(s) in the autumn of 2000, when he asked bassist Patrick Sheehan and drummer Chance Shirley to learn a few of his always catchy, sometimes complex, compositions and play a live show. They did play a show, and several more, and within a year, released the CD "One Possible Outcome of Attraction".

Since then, the sound of the band has continued to evolve and continued to be difficult to describe. Everyone seems to agree that it's rock music, though elements of classical, jazz, folk and country work their way into the sound. The lineup has changed, as well -- Kenn McCracken took over bass chores for Patrick at some point, and Carlos Pino often joins the band, bringing with him his guitar, lap steel and electric piano.

The Exhibit(s) are currently finishing up their long-in-the-making follow-up to "One Possible Outcome of Attraction". After that, they'll probably get to work on another album that will take years to finish. And they'll probably continue to be asked why the band is called "The Avery Ellis Exhibit(s)."

Download music from the CD One Possible Outcome of Attraction:
Dances With Machines
Download music from the soundtrack Hide and Creep:
Red Song