The Dirty Lungs

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The Dirty Lungs were formed in the summer of 2004, then called Dorian Grey, and originally consisted of David Horowitz and Carson Mitchell -- members of two short lived Birmingham psychedelic-noise bands.

Ra-Jaan Parmely and Jordan Sellers soon joined in, but things shifted around when Horowitz went off to grad school and Sellers moved out of state. That left only Ra-Jaan Parmely and Carson Mitchell. They met up with bass player Bryan Doyle and and played as a trio for a few years while looking for a fourth member to joiint he group. Chris Scott filled that role with his "homemade noisetraments" The group soon began to play with local act (and Tapestry alum) The Grenadines. Their sound is best described as a mixture of psychedelic rock and R&B.

The Dirty Lungs started their latest record, Somebody Here's Going Crazy, in late 2007, and plan on releasing the self-produced album by the fall of 2008.