The Bridges

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From Oxford, Alabama, The Bridges are a family quintet performing heartfelt, harmony-laden pop-folk-rock.

"We were all a little naive when we started, and we didn't know anything about the music industry," Brittany notes. "But there's always been a natural progression. From the start, there's always been a series of little things that kept us motivated, and made us feel like we have something good going on here."

Ranging in age from 18 to 24, The Bridges consists of siblings Natalie Byrd (piano and guitar), Stacey Byrd (guitar), Isaaca Byrd (bass) and Jeremy Byrd (drums), and cousin Brittany Painter, who provides lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar. Brittany writes most of the band's lyrics, with all five collaborating on the music. The group's tight-knit chemistry is apparent throughout Limits of the Sky, their major label debut.

The members of the Bridges have been making music together for much of their lives, developing their musical vision on their own terms. They grew up in families that were both musically inclined and church-oriented, and were not encouraged by their parents to listen to secular pop music.

"All we had really known before that was church music," Natalie adds. "But when we discovered acts like the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Crosby, Stills and Nash, we fell in love with their music and bands like these became our musical inspiration. When we heard these recordings, it taught us a lot about what makes a real song, and it made us shake up what we were doing."

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