Sunny So Brite

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There are two bands named Sunny So Brite. One that records lavishly textured 13 minute songs, with strings, horns and any other instrument they can get in their hands, utilizing as many talented local musicians as are willing to play a part. Then there is the other band, the one that attempts to cover those studio compositions with a three piece format. Don Sims plays drums, J.M. Cifonie plays bass and Mark Carmichael sings and plays guitar. Coincidentally, these are the members of both bands.

Their new album Before and After, offers beautifully crafted and memorable melodies that lie comfortably in the lush bed of harmonies. Sunny So Brite has contributed their music to film, theatre and it has been used on numerous commercial endeavors. The first band is working on their ninth album and the second band continues to practice those songs, just in case you get a chance to see them play.

More | Sunny So Brite also appeared on Tapestry in January of 2007, and February of 2005.