Sunny So Brite

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Sunny So Brite is many things, but the same thing is not one of them. Mark Carmichael and J.M. Cifonie have been writing, playing, and cursing music since 1995 in St. Augustine, Forida where they met.

After relocating to Birmingham they were able to stick with a name that defined their endeavors, Sunny So Brite . Mostly recording, learning how to play instruments and making fun of one anothers songs, Sunny So Brite has reserved every Monday night for the past seven years for acting like a band. The group plays about four to five shows a year with many Birmingham musicians contributing to their recordings and live shows.

Sunny So Brite is currently Mark Carmichael, J.M. Cifonie and Don Simms

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Brave New Boy

More | Sunny So Brite also appeared on Tapestry in February of 2005.