Slow Masters

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Inspired to form when they discovered a mutual interest in early seventies rock bands, Slow Masters performs rock-influenced songs in a city with a budding atmosphere of indie music.

Comprised of Brandon Smith on guitar/vocals, Brandi Smith on drums and Madison Stubblefield on bass, Slow Masters began in the winter of 2006-07 after Brandon gave Madison a demo tape of some of his new songs; Madison (currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee) quickly decided to return to Birmingham regularly to rehearse and record with Brandon and Brandi Cordell Smith. After months of rehearsing, Slow Masters began playing shows with local bands such as Taylor Hollingsworth, Sworn Enemies, Henry Dunkle, The Grenedines, The Broken Letters. Following Brandon and Brandi's wedding in May 2008, the group took the summer off to travel and write new songs. Slow Masters currently plans to open for Bowerbirds at Bottletree in November and to tour through Nashville and Chattanooga this Fall alongside more local shows in Birmingham.