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Originally seen as an outlet for older ex-punks who were out of touch with modern music, SKEPTIC? (with a question mark) first began practicing in late September/early October of 2001.

The group makes no pretense about what they are: an old school punk band with occasional hints of other music styles (mainly metal) thrown in. The music tends to be fast and aggressive, but with recognizable riffs and plenty of choruses. In a nutshell, it tends to sound like the music the members have listened to as teenagers: Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Subhumans, and Poison Idea to name a few. While certainly not a "retro" or nostalgia band, it might be said that the style of music Skeptic? plays is the only style they could play, being that some members wouldn't be in a band that played anything else.

SKEPTIC? currently averages 25-30 shows a year. Future plans include a first-time appearance at the New Orleans VoodooFest.

In July of 2007, founding member and longtime bassist Jon died from a skydiving accident. He, along with Barron, were the only two original members who had stayed since the beginning.

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They Say
Crosses Feild

SKEPTIC? originally appeared on Tapestry on April 27, 2006.