The Sandspurs

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The four musicians who comprise the Sandspurs share a deep appreciation for roots music and rich background of musical experiences. Tim Elliott, a refugee from L.A. who lived for many years outside the state, began the band to showcase his original material and his appreciation for "purebred American mongrel music" - the band subsequently follows his lead in refurbishing an assortment of blues, southern rock and rockabilly tunes. Elliott is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, having yielded his harmonica to new bandmate Dan "Harpdog" Marson, a true virtuoso on the Mississippi saxophone. Marson has played harp since his teenage years in Milwaukee and he has studied with the likes of with Howard Levy (formerly of the Flecktones) and he's taught harp for the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, at Chatauqua in Jamestown, New York, and at the Pickin' and Grinnin' Workshops in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Sandspurs rhythm section has a reputation as one of the hardest, tightest ensembles in the Birmingham area. Mike "EZ $" Dye (on drums) and Seebie Camp (bassist) played with Elliott in previous bands throughout the nineties, and have been original members of the Spurz since their inception. His resume includes past recording and stage stints with professional acts and his passion for Southern rock is clearly evident in his playing and singing. Similarly, Camp played for years in various rock and country bands, and misspent a portion of his youth in a KISS cover band. His bass play is a signature of the Sandspur sound and he has often worked last-minute gigs for folks who show up in town without a bass player.

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The Sandspurs play Friday November 25th at McAlnally's Pub and December 2nd at Fletcher's

Download music from the CD:
Infestin' the Savanna: Live at the Barking Kudu
Microwave Man
City of Thieves
Blues for Monica