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Ron Dometrovich

Ron Dometrovich is a singer/songwriter guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded five independently produced CDs which have received airplay in the European, Australian and US Americana indie radio markets. Born to a second-generation immigrant family in Pittsburgh, PA, he moved to the Deep South at an early age, by way of a brief stay in Brisbane, Australia. Exposure to such varied cultures has left him with a sideways view of the world that becomes evident in his somewhat literary lyrics. The music is delivered in fairly sparse arrangements with a strong presence of acoustic fingerstyle guitar, drawing on stylistic influences from folk, bluegrass, country and rock, all thrown into a kitchen appliance.

Ron performs primarily in coffeehouse and festival venues either solo acoustic or with a small folk-rock band. He most recently performed in the annual Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival on the Gulf Coast.

Ron Dometrovich plays:
City Stages at the Musical Oasis Stage, June 17th
Pepper Place Market June 24th, July 15th and September 9th