Red Mountain White Trash

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The Trash play good-time, old-time string band music. At festivals and clubs you'll hear them play high-energy dance tunes and old-timey blues, and sing songs from the earliest days of country music, when folks like the Carter Family and the Delmore Brothers were the stars. You're likely to hear a lot of impromptu humor as well. At dances they dip into their large repertoire of powerful contra dance medleys and driving square dance tunes. RMWT's expertise as a dance band has garnered them invitations to dance festivals across the country.

The band members started playing together around 1985. They all lived in Birmingham on Red Mountain in a historic neighborhood that was being gentrified by young professionals. Slow to renovate, the band members wondered if they were considered the "white trash" of the neighborhood and savored the concept of BMWs upon blocks and obsolete espresso machines on the front porch. Thus came the band name that has been loved by some, deplored by others. Though their name is facetious, they take their music seriously. Many of their tunes were collected from older fiddlers in Alabama and Tennessee, and they play in a style that reflects the region in which they live.

Folks often describe Red Mountain White Trash as a wall of sound. Components of this sound are fiddle by Jim Cauthen, guitar by Joyce Cauthen, mandolin by Phil Foster, harmonica and banjo uke by Jamie Finley, autoharp by Bill Martin and bass by Nancy Jackson. Vocalist Carole Griffin often joins them for concerts and festivals.

Interview with Red Mountain White Trash

Download music from the CD Chickens Don't Roost Too High:
New Born Blues

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Sweet Bama
You've Got to Righten That Wrong

Red Mountain White Trash have three CD's:
Fire in the Dumpster
Chickens Don't Roost Too High
Sweet Bama