Plate Six

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Plate Six has never been tied to convention. The immunity of being an odd rock band in the Heart of Dixie has afforded them the ability to explore and find their own music in their own time--without being tied to labels or a "scene" mentality which drives bands to sound the same. Plate Six was created in 1999, when drummer Brad Davis met up with guitarists Darryl Jacks and David Hickox, finally giving them them the rhythmic counterpoint and muscle needed to flesh out their sound. In it's own time the band has developed a unique conjuring skill, using a variety of non-standard tunings they have created to divine raucous incantations from a pair of cranked British amps. With no bass guitar to define a simple root melody, the band is able to craft songs with a musical depth which is truly unique.

Interview with Plate Six

Download music from the CD Battle Hymns for a New Republic:
As The Piston Turns
Instant Fence
Maximalist Anthem

Plate Six plays:

Sept 9th in Birmingham at The Nick
Sept 15th in Birmingham at Cave9
Sept 16th in Nashville at the Springwater
Sept 18th in Huntington, West VirginaV at HYAMP
Sept 19th in Pittsburgh at the Spider Lounge
Sept 20th in New York City at the Trash Bar
Sept 21st in Velatie, NY at St John's Church
Sept 22nd in New Brunswick, NJ at 120 Hamilton St.
Sept 23rd in Philadelphia at the Pontiac Grille
Nov 15th in Birmingham atCave9