Nowhere Squares

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Nowhere Squares formed in Montevallo, Alabama in 1996 when Justin Cordes and Paul Wilm became fast friends after realizing that they both shared an admiration for records by such early sixties guitar bands such as The Kinks and The Who, not to mention late seventies punk legends like The Buzzcocks and The Ramones. The two of them had both been in bands before but decided to form a new band that echoed these influences and sounds. Justin became the guitarist and Paul the vocalist. They recruited drummer Krewe Maynard and basist Austin Carpenter.

The band began playing strings of gigs in town, mostly at house parties and Barnstormers Pizza. Two things that caused the band to stand out from other Montevallo acts were the fact that they were a punk band that featured harmonizing background vocals and Paul's high-pitched singing voice and odd stage presence -- a mixture of spastic jerks and spontaneous quirky dancing.

In 1997, Krewe left the band and was replaced by Spencer Shoults. The band went on to record three CD's, all self-produced. "All Freaked Out" (1998), "My School" (2000) and "Girls Who Work Alone" (2003).

In 2004, Austin left the band and was replaced by Shea Goodwin. It was during this period that Paul began integrating keyboards into music. This, in addition to Shea's intricate bass lines created a significant change of direction in Nowhere Squares' sound. Whereas before they had sounded like a garage punk band, now they had evolved into what sounded like a new wave 80's band.

In 2006, Nowhere Squares released their first CD on House Of Love Records, owned by Aaron Hamilton who is also the proprietor of the Birmingham venue, Cave 9. The CD is called "Evil Fiction" and consists only six songs because the band "wants to accommodate the modern attention span and has a chronic fear of boring people by playing too long".

In 2007 finds the band is working on working on what they call a "double EP", consisting of two, six-song albums packaged together. An early Fall release is planned.