Moses Mayfield

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If "The Inside", the debut album from Moses Mayfield, is about anything, says frontman Matthew Mayfield, it's about forging connections-reaching out to people and connecting on a personal, emotional level. That's what the disc offers the Alabama band's five members, especially lyricist Mayfield: a chance to talk about things, and to talk through things. That need to communicate is the energy source for the 11 songs composing the group's first CD. The playing of guitarist Will Mason, keyboardist Matt Taylor, bassist Hans Ford and drummer Wil Drake quite literally aid in that communication.

The seed for Moses Mayfield was planted some four years ago, when three classmates at Birmingham Southern, a tiny liberal arts college, got together to make some noise. And that, Mayfield laughs, is just about all it was, initially-noise.

After the release of an EP and 2004's self-released Enough to Let Go, the turning point for the band came with the taping of a live show at Birmingham's Workplay Theater, a sold-out gig burned to DVD and pitched to a handful of labels. The group was signed by Epic Records.