Model Citizen

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Model Citizen is sometimes thought to be the side project of singer/guitarist Matt Patton. When not found in the backfield for The Dexateens (Estrus) or Belzoni, Mississippi's Paul "Wine" Jones (Fat Possum), Patton can be found fronting his own band. It's clear to any fan of the band, however, that Model Citizen takes a backseat to no one. Teaming up with longtime pals Mike Gaut (drums) and Randy Hughes (bass/vocals) Patton manages to craft some of the best anthemic rock n' roll this side of the Vietnam era.

After several self-releases Model Citizen joined the Bent Rail team, Alabama's most distinguished independent label, to release "The Inner Fool" EP in 2004. The EP faired well regionally after relentless touring and strong college radio support. 2005-06 has the group preparing for the international stage. With the completion of a highly anticipated full length titled "Save It for the Campfire" Model Citizen signed with Nicotine Records of Italy. Nicotine has been the bold sponsor of releases by The Gaza Strippers and The Woggles among others.

Download music from the CD Save It for the Campfire
Empty Room
Download music from the CD The Inner Fool
Mickey Mod