Mile Marker 7

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The idea behind Mile Marker 7 was to create a combination of music and message, the likes of which have never been heard before. It began with three brothers from Birmingham, with a strong Christian background and a common love for good music. They found their varied musical interests complemented each other very well during the creative process.

Mile Marker 7 was founded by three brothers, Mitchell, Jordan, and Sean McElroy. They played their first official show as a three piece in 2000. In the following years, they played shows across the Southeast. They recorded their first album and developed a reputation as a solid three-piece acoustic jam band.

In early 2006, the McElroy brothers started working with long-time friend and bassist, Zach Morgan. The group continued working and writing and a short time later, the band added drummer Eric Fulgham. Now as a five-piece band, Mile Marker 7's sound is one of original music with heavy, guitar driven harmonies that are both powerful and uplifting.

Mile Marker 7 plays Friday January 26th, 7:00 p.m. @ The Liberty Center in Irondale.