Mandi Rae

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Born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised everywhere else, Mandi Rae grew up in a military family and embraced the challenges that a travelling childhood provided, as evidenced in her songwriting, her personality, and her ability to relate to just about anyone.

Rae's musical influences began with southern gospel from her mother and classic rock such as Pink Floyd and Three Dog Night from her father. But her current musical influences include a mix of roots, bluegrass, and americana music. She describes her songs as "folk rock" or "Americana," while someone once said that she, "...sounds like she is just singing what she's thinking, like she's having a conversation with you."

Later, Rae taught herself to play the guitar, then banjo, and that's when she says that her songwriting really took off. Starting with an open mic night at The Moonlight Music Café, she quickly became a popular fixture in Birmingham, has opened for her personal musical favorites, The Avett Brothers, and has recorded at Quad M Studios in New Orleans.

"Unaffected" is the title of Mandi Rae's new 14 song CD. It's her with a guitar, banjo, and harmonica delivering her music with powerful simplicity.

Mandi Rae plays the Moonlight Music Café January 12th.

Download music from the CD Unaffected:
Slow Down
Song for Neena
Secard Holler