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Mae Robertson

When Mae Robertson was a new mother and the owner of three children's stores in the Northeast, a friend overheard her singing the traditional folk song "The Water Is Wide" as a lullaby to her baby. He convinced her to record a suite of traditional and contemporary songs as lullabies and a new career was born. Several award-winning children's CD's later, as well as a few CDs for adults, Robertson's eighth album Meet the Sun Halfway is also for adults and is a collection of original songs and selections by some of her favorite writers.

Robertson is known for her warm, crystal clear voice, songwriting that is gentle and true and the ability to interpret songs by others in a way that inspires and gives comfort. Meet the Sun Halfway will be released on February 28th.

Mae's recordings have garnered rave reviews. Billboard magazine says: "Her dusky alto range is a true treat, and she has an understated yet memorable way with a lyric that renders anything she performs worth investigating."

Growing up in Alabama, Mae Robertson was influenced by the folk collections of her older brothers and sister. Later, Robertson gravitated toward singer-songwriters because, like traditional folk music, their songs were lyric-driven.