Liquid Brick

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To say Birmingham's Liquid Brick have an unusual sound would be a huge understatement. The groups uses barrels, talking toys, short-wave radio, various guitar pedals, guitars and keyboards run through effects of all sorts, found objects, chapmanstick, and homemade noise instruments.

Their improvisational sound can be described as bangs, clicks, whistles, booms, broken gadgits, breaking glass, hammers, drills, mechanical rooms, crashes, torches, traffic jams, motors, therimins, echoes, laughter, cries, fireworks, chainsaws, and feedback. The members are Barry Thomas, Shea Goodwin, Jeff McLeod, Chad Baker, Scott Looney, and Keith Goodwin.

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(This is a 40 minute song and therefore a lengthy download.

Live from the Eyedrum Volume IV