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"Attention Please," is Leaderdog's first full-length album. The CD features the evolving writing exploration and captivating musical atmosphere of Jeff Stacy and Dave Bowman. Stacy and Bowman orchestrated the music of this new album to reinvent the Leaderdog sound and redefine the future direction of the band. In addition, Leaderdog captured their over the top live show on DVD, "Unleashed Live!" Released Spring 2005, seven cameras attempted to grasp the raw power, energy and the overall adrenaline driven live performance. Also, Leaderdog's 7-track EP "Speak" was released in 2003. "Speak," reflects the sights and sounds shaped on the road, in clubs, at concerts, and music festivals.

Highlights from the past years performances include: Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis, Indiana, City Stages Music Festival in Birmingham, Alabama, North Alabama's Big Spring Music Jam in Huntsville, Alabama, and Mob Fest in Chicago, Illinois. Currently, the Leaderdog single "Run" was featured on the A&E cable television 3rd season premier of "Dog: The Bounty Hunter." They were also featured on the 2004 Rocktrax Records release, "The Road" A Tribute to Brother Cane with their exploding rendition of "And Fools Shine On." Leaderdog has appeared with dozens of regional bands from around the country, plus national acts: Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Trapt, Kings X, Default, SR-71, Silvertide, The Exies and Saliva.