Larry Allen Brown

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"Cobb Lane is a quaint, one block brick alley in Birmingham. When I arrived in Birmingham, I landed a gig four nights a week plaing on the Lane. Most of the material on this album is a result of that experience." - Larry Allen Brown

Larry Allen Brown is a solo guitarist performing acoustic fingerstyle music with Celtic/Blues/and Jazz Roots. After years of performing in various Rock, Jazz, and Blues groups in Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston, Larry has settled in Birmingham, Alabama where he now teaches and performs regularly as a solo artist on acoustic guitar. His music is a combination of arrangements of traditional and original works with a decidedly Celtic feel to them. Says Brown, "I'm a melody freak, and I just find those tunes to be among the most beautiful and melodic songs ever written".

Download music from the CD Cobb Lane:
Remembering Jenny
The Galway Shawl