Jon Black

"There's music you listen to at the moment and there's music you listen to forever. I really wanted to dig deep and give people something they could listen to when they need a reminder that most doubts, fears, joys, and triumphs are shared between all humans. Existence is hard but I've made it through with the help from some great artists. Hopefully this will inspire others to keep going." - Jon Black

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Over the past two years Jon Black has shared the stage with Alejandro Escovedo, Ani DiFranco, Mark Kozolek, and many more; won a songwriting award for My Days Are Numbered and travelled by plane, train, and automobile to share his music with anyone willing to listen and engage.

Goodbye Golden Age, is Black's follow-up to his 2006 release, The October Sky. Recorded over the span of a year in Oxford, Mississippi, the record shows Jon growing in his artistry and that his comparisons to Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, and Jay Farrarr are not in vain.

With the sonic backdrop of Americana music, Black's latest album dives deep into capturing the loneliness of the road, the hope of things to come, and the inspiration found at the end of your rope. It is an album of searching and finding, an honest display of fears in an uncertain world and a joyful reaction to following dreams, a friendly greeting and a quick punch to the gut.

Jon Black previously appeared on Tapestry August 10, 2006.