Jon Black

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On the day of his first corporate fire drill, Jon Black heard two alarms go off one at his office and the other in his soul. Like countless others, he had been crammed into a small cubicle, working customer service for a software company. Jon moved to Charleston, South Carolina after graduating college in his home state of Georgia, and upon entering the work force realized something: this was not what he had expected.

In the spring of 2004, Black left his cubicle to pursue a career in music. "I knew when I walked out the door I was taking a chance. I was writing my own story, regardless of what ended up happening." Black entered the studio and emerged with "The Rhythm of the Rising Sun", a collection of brash, emotionally-charged indie-pop songs concerned with wanting more out of life a direct result of his experiences working in the corporate world.

Black spent the next year and a half trekking from city to city across the U.S., performing everywhere from coffee houses to summer camps, to gazebos -- building a loyal and enthusiastic base of fans. He signed to Rebuilt Records in June.