Jesse Payne

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It is believed that Jesse Payne, after releasing his debut album, "" in late 2004, became enamored with the drifter lifestyle. For twelve months following, he and his group of musicians played up and down the eastern coast of the United States. Upon his return home in late 2005, he went straight back to the studio to begin work on an ep meant to bridge the gap between his debut album and the album that will soon follow. Before completing the Ghosts.In.Mirrors, Payne and the band found their way back out on tour for six more months with it ending in Philadelphia in May of 2006.

Payne's, "," was released in September of 2006. The EP gently holds stories of life and of observations taken from a passenger side window. It is a rustic overview of the direction Jesse Payne has taken through his songwriting. Jesse Payne and The Poets of Commonwealth are currently working on material that is set to be on their forthcoming full length album. This will be Jesse Payne's sophomore album and The Poets of Commonwealth's debut.

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In the Morning

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