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Jazza-Nova is a music project created by Dave Miller and Stan Lee. The intent was to play Brazilian Jazz and they chose the name Jazza-Nova as a way to express the juxtaposition of Jazz and Bossa Nova, one of the most well known Brazilian styles. Miller plays tenor sax, Chromatic Harmonica, keyboards and an occasional vocal, while Lee plays guitars, both accoustic and electric.

Miller spent 20 years in the Miami area and while there he traveled and played in South and Central America. Miller has been fascinated with Brazilian music since the early seventies. After playing a couple of years in a group called Miami Samba Group. Miller learned a lot about making authentic Brazilian music of the various styles.

When Miller moved to Alabama, he was eager to play music and realized that the time for a Bossa Nova project was now. He called guitarist Stan Lee and their sound clicked instantly.

Jazza-Nova plays "The Grape" on Friday, December 9th at 7 p.m.

Download music from the self-titled CD:
O Grande Amor
So Danco Samba
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