Jason Bailey

Mandolinist, composer, teacher, studio musician, Jason Bailey possesses a range of musicianship of a well-seasoned professional. He quickly pushed through the Birmingham music scene to become a regional performing musician in a short amount of time. "I was 18 when I got my first mandolin. My Dad came home from a garage sale with it," says Bailey. It must have been destiny because the mandolin is now a part of his soul. That year he discovered mandolinist David Grisman as well as other great acoustic musicians. "I didn't know music like that existed. I had never heard mandolins, violins and acoustic guitars playing essentially jazz with bluegrass instruments and tempo." While absorbing the diversities of these acoustic musicians he was also inspired to pursue a bachelor's degree in music from Maryville College, in 1999. Bailey naturally applied his formal education allowing him to be at home in a wide variety of musical genres, including celtic, bluegrass, jazz, rock, jam, country and folk.

Bailey has played with Birmingham-based favorites such as Stuart McNair and the Contraband, Lolly Lee and Jason Bailey aka (Sugar Mama and the Poolboy), The Lost Jim Trio, celtic-infused Shilleleagh Law, folk/rock Three Man Stone, bluegrass group The Bluegrass Cartel and the regional touring jazz/bluegrass/southern jam band Tonal Vision. He has been a guest at Birmingham's City Stages and Do Dah Day, Mobile's Bayfest, Georgia's Little Turnip Overnight Music Jam, and Acoustic Cafe in Hayden, Alabama.