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Highwater is a four member rock band hailing from Birmingham. Formed in early 2005, the group's sound is an influence of blues, rock, country, funk, and even reggae.

The foundations of Highwater were set in motion back in 2002. It was then that singer-songwriters, and former band-mates, formed the acoustic duo Ryan and Reaves. Jason Reaves and Ryan Bradley had played together in a former band as well as attended high school together. The acoustic duo wrote and worked on several projects over the course of 2 years before adding more personnel to their act. In 2004, Ryan and Reaves added bassist Craig Smith to the show. The now 3-deep musical group known as Rukkus played a healthy line-up of shows throughout 2004 before taking a break due to burnout on playing all acoustic shows. In early 2005, drummer BJ Jones (formerly of Sirius Black) was added to the roster. The band plugged in their instruments, added new songs to the arsenal, and Highwater was born. BJ however was unable to continue playing with the band and Whitney Phillips was brought on to play drums.