Greg Summerlin

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After leaving the groundbreaking alt-country band, The Quinsonics in the late 90's, Greg Summerlin has steadily developed his own following across the country and worldwide. His latest CD, All Done in Good Time: The Life and Times of Polly Shields is deeply influnced by The Who's Tommy as well as bands New Order and Echo the Bunnymen.

About the time Summerlin was immersing himself in Tommy, he woke up in the middle of the night one evening and started writing the track Please Don't Tell and thinking about making a record with a storyline centered on a frustrated, disillusioned girl who rebels against her father. Unafraid to wrestle with his own inspirations, Summerlin uses personal tragedy and triumph to unite four characters in a fluid album that plays like a 50-minute symphonic melodrama incorporating philosophy, theology, the meaning of life, and rock and roll.

Summerlin is also the founder and owner of Superphonic Records.