Jon Poor - guitar/vocals
Will Cash - guitar/vocals
Beau Treadwell - bass/vocals
Mac Kramer - drums/percussion/vocals
Joe Cain - percussion
Matt Slocum/Peyton Grant - keyboard

Feijoada was formed by bassist Beau Treadwell, drummer Mac Kramer, and guitarist Jon Poor, in the summer of 2005. The three made an immediate musical connection through songwriting and performing. As the collaborative spirit took root and more members were added to create a fuller sound, it became clear that the music deserved a more inclusive title. After a brief trip to Brazil, Poor came home with the name Feijoada. Soon Will Cash and Joe Cain were added on guitar and percussion. The five have since been busy searching for a new sound with elements of funk, jazz, Latin rhythm, rock 'n roll, and a whole ton of soul. Local area keyboardists Matt Slocum and Peyton Grant have been known to round out the lineup on stage. The group has finished recording and will be releasing their debut CD in the Spring of 2008.

Download music:
Full Circle
Wrong One