Eric Essix

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Eric Essix's earliest musical experiences were hearing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and singing gospel in the church choir. His grandfather bought his first guitar and amplifier, and he taught himself to play by listening to LP's by Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and Al Green. His first exposure to jazz was Wes Montgomery's, California Dreamin' and about the same time he also discovered the music of Jimi Hendrix. A life-changing experience in 1977 at a Weather Report concert influenced Eric's desire to play and compose instrumental music.

In 1988, he produced a solo record called "First Impressions" that landed him a deal with Los Angeles based jazz label Nova Records. He quickly followed that with "Second Thoughts" which produced the national radio hits "Come September" and "First Out".

After graduating from Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music in 1993, Eric released "Third Degree Burn" featuring a band of his fellow classmates. Touring cross country for two years with this group inspired his fourth recording, a powerful concert performance called Eric Essix & Modern Man, LIVE!

His latest release on the Essential Recordings label is a compilation called Retrospective which features music that spans an eighteen year recording career.

Download music from the CD Retrospective:
Just Like You
Like A River

More | Eric Essix also appeared on Tapestry in July of 2005.