Eliot Morris

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Birmingham based singer-songwriter Eliot Morris was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama; one of six children in a house that was always full of activity and entertainment. A typical southern upbringing with typical boyhood interest, until the day his father brought home a CD player and a Motown compilation.

Eliot immediately fell in love with music. "I think that I allowed myself to be moved by music at a young age. Initially it started as a desire to be moved by other peoples music, but eventually I began to feel the need to create my own."

It was at Auburn University when Eliot began to play the occasional gig or writers night that he really came to believe that he was writing some special songs. That belief continued to grow until he finally moved to Nashville to pursue music full time. "In Nashville, I've seen my writing really develop. In part because I'm devoting all I have to it, and in part because of the musicians that I've been able to surround myself with. I am writing music that I am very proud of and excited about."

The move to Nashville has proven to be a good one and Eliot has been fortunate enough to gain the attention of several major labels. His major label debut is due in March of 2006. Currently, he is continuing to write and trying to put a band together. "I just believe that if I continue to write things that I am proud of, the rest will take care of itself."

Download music from Eliot Morris' self-titled debut CD:
No One Has to Know
Infancy of Us